How to make Grilled Stuffed Chicken Breast - Tempting chicken stuffed with an exotic filling served with cheesy saffron sauce

This recipe has featured on the show Khanakhazana.

Main Ingredients : Chicken Breasts (चिकन ब्रेस्ट ), Cheese (चीज़)

Cuisine : Fusion

Course : Main Course Chicken

Grilled Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe Card

Grilled Stuffed Chicken Breast

Hindi: murgh
Be a kid or a teenage or an adult or an oldie, chicken lovers trend all over the world at all times! One meat that is a favourite of all beyond belief! When cooked, it can be presented in many guises. Sauté it, fry it, toss it, bake it, steam it – eat it the way you want to. Whatever its form may be upon being cooked, its flavour may change but its flesh remains high in protein, low in fat and can be digested easily.

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Prep Time : 16-20 minutes

Cook time : 41-50 minutes

Serve : 4

Level Of Cooking : Moderate

Taste : Mild

Ingredients for Grilled Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe

  • Chicken Breasts

  • Cheese 2-3 strands

  • Cheese grated 1/4 cup

  • Asparagus blanched 8

  • Potatoes boiled and mashed 2 medium

  • Salt to taste

  • Black pepper powder 1 teaspoon

  • Oil to deep fry

  • Spinach shredded 1 bunch

  • Green olives sliced 5

  • Black olives sliced 5

  • Fresh cream 1 tablespoon

  • Spiced olive oil 3 tablespoons

  • Green capsicums 1 cm cubes 1 medium

  • Red capsicums 1 cm cubes 1 medium

  • Yellow capsicum 1 cm cubes 1 medium


Step 1

Cut four asparagus stalks into one centimetre pieces and remaining into one inch pieces. Keep four asparagus tips separately. Season mashed potatoes with salt and black pepper powder to taste. On a plate pipe the mashed potato into rosettes by using piping bag.

Step 2

Heat oil in a kadai and deep-fry the shredded spinach for thirty seconds. Drain and place on absorbent paper and set aside. Wash chicken breasts. Pat them dry and slit from one side, open it out and flatten with the blunt side of a knife. Apply a little salt and black pepper powder. For stuffing mix two tablespoons of grated cheese, sliced green olives and black olives, smaller pieces of asparagus, one tablespoon cream and black pepper powder.

Step 3

Place this mixture over the chicken breasts. Keep two asparagus tips on top of the stuffing. Roll the chicken breasts tightly. Smear one teaspoon of spiced olive oil on each chicken breast. Grill them turning once or twice so that they get cooked from all sides. In a pan heat two teaspoons of spiced olive oil. Add capsicums, bigger pieces of asparagus with salt and black pepper powder and stir-fry till brown spots appears on them. For the sauce, take cream in a pan.

Step 4

Add remaining grated cheese, saffron, salt, black pepper powder. Stir well and cook on low heat for two minutes. In another pan heat two teaspoons of spiced olive oil and cook the grilled chicken till it becomes golden brown in colour. Slice them evenly. Arrange the chicken slices on a plate. Pour sauce on them and garnish with crisply fried shredded spinach and potato rosettes.

Step 5

Serve hot with sautéed capsicums and asparagus.