How to make Golden Castles - Delicious dessert topped with caramelised sugar and almond slivers.

This recipe is from the book Fun Food For Fussy Kids.

Main Ingredients : Milk (दूध), Condensed Milk (कन्डेंस्ड मिल्क)

Cuisine : Fusion

Course : Desserts

Golden Castles Recipe Card

Golden Castles

Fusion cuisine is one that combines elements of different culinary traditions. Cuisines of this type are not categorized according to any one particular cuisine style and have played a part in a number of innovations.
Fusion food is a general term for the combination of various forms of cookery and comes in several forms.  

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Prep Time : 31-40 minutes

Cook time : 26-30 minutes

Serve : 4

Level Of Cooking : Moderate

Taste : Sweet

Ingredients for Golden Castles Recipe

  • Milk 3/4 tin

  • Condensed Milk 3/4 cup

  • Thick yogurt 3/4 cup

  • Sugar 6 tablespoons

  • Almonds blanched and peeled 10

  • Raisins 15


Step 1

Take the sugar in a thick-bottomed pan. Add a few drops of water and heat till the sugar caramelizes. Pour the caramel into individual moulds and let it settle by cooling.

Step 2

Heat sufficient water in a pressure cooker. Place the condensed milk in a deep bowl. Add the milk and yogurt and whisk together till well blended.

Step 3

Pour this mixture into the moulds. Sprinkle the raisins on the top. Cover them with cling wrap and seal it all around. Make a few slashes on the top and place them in the cooker.

Step 4

Cover the cooker and steam, without putting the weight, for about forty minutes. Take the moulds out of the cooker and set aside to cool to room temperature.

Step 5

Chill in the refrigerator. Just before serving unmould them upside down so that the caramel side is up. Garnish with almond slivers and serve.