How to make Eggplant Romani - Grilled eggplant slices topped with feta cheese, romani and pomegranate pearls.

This is a Sanjeev Kapoor exclusive recipe.

Main Ingredients : Eggplant / Brinjal (बैंगन), Extra virgin olive oil (एक्स्ट्रा वरजिन ऑलिव आइल)

Cuisine : Fusion

Course : Snacks and Starters

Eggplant Romani Recipe Card

Eggplant Romani

Hindi: anda
You should always stack your fridge with at least a dozen of them. Why? Handiest food to have around! Kids are hungry? Make some egg sandwiches. Guests come in, make an egg curry or egg biryani. You are hungry? Poach an egg and have it topped with stir fried veggies – perfect protein source for the body! Check the freshness – keep a raw egg in a bowl of water. Fresh eggs will stay at the bottom while stale eggs stand on end or float.

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Prep Time : 6-10 minutes

Cook time : 16-20 minutes

Serve : 4

Level Of Cooking : Easy

Taste : Mild

Ingredients for Eggplant Romani Recipe

  • Eggplant / Brinjal 1 large

  • Extra virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon

  • zaatar spice 2 teaspoons

  • sumac spice 2 teaspoons

  • Lemon juice 1 tablespoon

  • Salt 1 teaspoon

  • Fresh parsley sprigs 6-8

  • Feta cheese crumbled as required

  • Fresh pomegranate pearls as required

  • Mustard seeds micro greens a few for garnish

  • Red radish slices, a few for garnish

  • Cherry tomatoes halved for garnish

  • Romani

  • Pomegranate (anar) Juice 1 cup

  • Tamarind pulp 1 teaspoon

  • Jaggery (gur) chopped 2 tablespoons

  • sumac spice mix 1 teaspoon


Step 1

Slice the eggplant.

Step 2

Put olive oil, zaatar, 2 teaspoons sumac and lemon juice in a bowl and mix. Add salt and mix well. Add eggplant slices and coat well. Set aside to marinate.

Step 3

To prepare Romani, boil pomegranate juice in a non-stick pan. Add tamarind pulp, jaggery and sumac, mix and cook till the mixture thickens. Transfer into a bowl and cool.

Step 4

Heat a non-stick grill pan. Place the marinated eggplant slices and grill on high heat, basting with remaining marinade, till golden on both sides. Sprinkle some water on top and grill for 30 seconds. Transfer onto a plate.

Step 5

Finely chop parsley sprigs.

Step 6

Place the grilled eggplant on a serving platter. Put some feta cheese on top and drizzle some Romani. Put some pomegranate pearls and parsley on top.

Step 7

Serve hot garnished with mustard micro greens, red radish slices and cherry tomato halves.