How to make Chocolate Modak - Modaks with chocolate and garated coconut stuffing

This recipe is from the book Pressure Cooking.

Main Ingredients : Chocolate (चॉकलेट),

Cuisine : Maharashtrian

Course : Desserts

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Chocolate Modak Recipe Card

Chocolate Modak

The Maharashtrian hospitality is legendary. The cuisine has subtle variety and strong flavours and varies from region to region. In ancient times in the more affluent homes, feasts often started at mid-day and ended when the sun set! The presentation of food was alluring with a practice to sing sacred verses to dedicate the meal to God.
Maharashtrian cuisine covers a wide range from being extremely mild to very spicy dishes. Wheat, rice, jowar, vegetables, lentils and fruit form important components of Maharashtrian diet. 
Everybody knows about the unbeatable taste of the Mumbai’s chaats! But there is so much more to explore and savour in the other regions of Maharashtra. 

Prep Time : 16-20 minutes

Cook time : 11-15 minutes

Serve : 10

Level Of Cooking : Difficult

Taste : Sweet

Ingredients for Chocolate Modak Recipe

  • Chocolate grated 1/2 cup

  • Oil 1 teaspoon

  • Salt a pinch

  • Stuffing

  • Chocolate syrup 1/4 cup

  • Rice flour 1 cup

  • Desiccated coconut 3/4 cup


Step 1

Boil one cup of water in a pan with salt and oil. Pour the rice flour in a steady stream, stirring continuously, to prevent lumps from forming. Seal the cooker with the lid and cook till steam begins to escape.

Step 2

Open the cooker and sprinkle water, seal the cooker with the lid and cook till steam begins to escape again.

Step 3

Mix well and remove the dough to a plate. Grease your palms with some oil and knead the dough till smooth. Divide the dough into eight equal portions.

Step 4

For the stuffing, mix together the coconut, chocolate syrup and grated chocolate and divide into eight equal portions.

Step 5

Grease your palms again, and spread one portion of the dough into a round disc, thinning the edges with your finger tips.

Step 6

Place one portion of the coconut mixture in the centre, gather the dough together in tiny pleats and press lightly to form a cone at the top.

Step 7

Place the modaks on a perforated plate and steam in a pressure cooker, with the lid on but without the weight, for ten to twelve minutes.

Step 8

Serve hot.